Favour Offia |   Nigeria

I chose to study at the ICHR because of its glowing reputation in the field of international law and the range of modules that are offered. Studying at the ICHR was an amazing experience. The depth of expertise and wide range of courses that are taught helped me benefit greatly from other fields of knowledge that were not strictly on my path, thus giving me a holistic training in international law. The ICHR is a functional ecosystem of renowned academics, practitioners, and students. There was no shortage of help when needed as the ICHR operates an open-door policy and I could always get help from colleagues. This made transitioning to the ICHR from a completely different system much easier and studying a lot more enjoyable. The emphasis on research and essay writing enables students develop critical analysis and problem-solving skills. The ICHR also encourages teamwork through collaboration on group projects and extracurricular activities, which is a vital skill for work in the field. Ultimately, the multipronged approach the ICHR takes ensures that no candidate is left behind and there is something for everyone. Studying at the ICHR has been rewarding and I highly recommend it.

Mesenbet Assefa |   Ethiopia

“The Irish Centre for Human Rights is a truly remarkable institution with a doctoral programme comprised of PhD researchers from many different backgrounds studying a diverse range of topics on human rights and international law. The wealth of experience of supervisors in teaching and research, the variety of modules on the structured PhD programme, and the series of seminars and research workshops make the programme vibrant and intellectually engaging. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required not only in a competitive academic environment, but also for other opportunities that may arise after completing their PhD.” -

Ritika Pillai |   India

“I chose to study at the Irish Centre for Human Rights particularly because of the wide range of different subjects that they offered for the course which I did not find in most other universities. The one to one interaction with the professors helped me understand the subject very well. All the students and the staff have been very welcoming and the multicultural nature of the class makes for very interesting discussions. Overall, my study at the Centre has made me feel a lot more confident in my future career in the field of human rights.”

Susan Aondoakura |   Nigeria

"The Irish Center for Human Rights (ICHR) was a natural choice for me, as the course offered was one of its kind; International Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law, and Conflict. The coursework offers a wide array of knowledge not just in the Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict but also in the Human Rights and International Criminal Law fields, equipping one with a balanced knowledge of the public international law, giving one a competitive edge on the field and a sound basis for future academic endeavors".

Fiona McCarry |   Ireland

"I chose to study at the Irish Centre for Human Rights because of their reputation for teaching excellence and the unique LLM programme in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict which allowed me to specialise in my areas of interest. The Centre provides a warm and friendly study environment. The great support system at the Centre provides a network that compliments the career development-focussed approach to teaching and encourages student participation".

Johanna Grzywotz |   Germany

I chose the ICHR due to its magnificent reputation in the field of International Criminal Law. The variety of courses taught not only offers the chance to get a good overview of the topic but also makes it possible to specialise in a particular field. The small classes allow for motivated discussions and personal, familiar relationships between the staff and the students. The fact that students from all over the world attended the lectures broadened my knowledge and understanding of different legal systems and led to a refreshing exchange of perspectives during the many ‘round-table’ discussions in class.

Ciara Hickey |   Ireland

I had known for years that I had wanted to study human rights and due to the reputation of the ICHR I believed that it was the perfect place to do it. They provide many opportunities for students and have a wide range of interesting modules in all areas of human rights. I also did my undergraduate degree at NUIG and was not ready to leave the college due to the amazing campus, helpful people and the wonderful atmosphere of Galway city. I really enjoy studying at the Centre. There is a real sense of community and it provides great support. The lectures are extremely interesting and the classes are made up of diverse groups allowing for interesting discussions due to the different perspectives from around the world.

Deborah Lawson |   UK

I was looking for a place of study that suited me when I met some people who had previously studied at the ICHR and were still really passionate about it. You just know a place has great value when its alumni are happy to spend time talking to you about the benefits of studying there and are working in fields related to the course. I love it. It feels very geared towards my development, rather than just academia for the sake of it. The lunchtime seminars, film-screenings and events push my thinking that bit further. Taking a break from work for a year and waking up in the morning – thinking ‘what am I going to learn today’ is a great feeling. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned in five weeks, it’s pretty incredible.
Tessa Maria

Tessa Maria Lambrich |   Germany

During my time in Palestine where I was working before I started studying International Human Rights at the Centre, I encountered experts working on human rights and humanitarian law issues whose personality and professionalism made a big impression on me and made me curious about their educational background. That was how I heard of the Centre as part of NUI Galway. Through research on the Centre’s website I was assured about their first class staff and curriculum as well as extracurricular activities and events. Very soon, I was certain that this place would provide the best support for me personally and in pursuing my career I could wish for. Studying at the Center is an incredibly enriching experience. I appreciate the most that there is room to link academically high level discussions to practical considerations and issues in the actual situation in the field and to temporary examples, which is very important to me due to my previous experience. Every question is welcome and taken seriously by the staff! The atmosphere between students is so friendly - we come from all over the world and have different educational backgrounds which make discussions interesting and diverse.