Doctoral Candidates

Current Doctoral Candidates at the Irish Centre for Human Rights

Adanan, Amina: "The Transitional Nature of Universal Jurisdiction in International Law"

Ahmad Owies, Wesam: "The Role of Corporations in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Colonization, Nationalization, Occupation and Privatization"

Al-Haidari, Bethany: "Perceptions of Freedom among Saudi Citizens"

Al-Mujadi, Reem: "The Influence of the Ideological Misuses of Moral Convictions on Transitional Justice in the Middle East"

Ananthavinayagan, Thamil: "Sri Lanka, the United Nations and human rights: A case study"

Angel Henríquez Leiva, José: 'Is there a way out? Human rights-based approaches to reintegration initiatives of gang members in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. A comparative study'

Angeleri, Stefano: 'The Human Right to Health of Undocumented Migrants: Between Universality and Sovereignty'

Bitorsoli, Marta: 'Transnational Criminal Law: National, Regional and International Prosecutorial Strategies'

Bukauskaite, Jurgita: 'Remaking Universal Human Rights Gender Equality Commitments Into Vernacular: The Case of Domestic Violence'

Cetinkaya, Hasret:  'The implications of honour for women’s agency, and the paradox of operationalizing international human rights law in patriarchal societies: the case of Kurdish Women'

Corcoran, Sally Anne: "The Impact of Women on the Protection of Human Rights in Peacekeeping."

Creedon, Sarah: 'Prosecuting High Level Offenders for the Crime of Rape under International Criminal Law: Are contemporary modes of liability suitable?'

De Ycaza, Carla: "Traditional and Modern Approaches to Post-Conflict Transitional Justice in Africa"

Florath, Tanja: "Effective Prevention of Enforced Disappearances in South-East Asia"

Forde, Andrew: 'The Application of International Human Rights Law in States with Limited Recognition'

Gagliardi, Silvia:"Post-2011 Morocco: Human rights and gender equality for minority and indigenous women"

Gallagher, Peter: '‘Autonomous Weapon Systems: Can their use be amenable to international law’'

Gormley, Denise: "(Re) locating Law: Displacing Sexual and Gender Based Violence"

Henríquez, José: "Reintegration of gang members in the Northern Triangle of Central America. Perspectives from the International Human Rights Law"

McMurry, Nicholas: 'The right to participation under economic, social and cultural rights'

Megy, Susan: 'Under Imminent Threat? The Protection of Civilians in African Regional and Sub regional Peacekeeping: The African Union and ECOWAS'

Moran, Cian: "The Saints Are Coming: The Evolution of Humanitarian Intervention in International Law and State Practice"

Omidi, Niloufar: "Peoples' Right to Peace; Enforcement through International Law Instruments"

Sweeney, Caroline: "Protection of Children from the Effects of Armed Conflict"

Tadeg, Mesenbet: "Freedom of Expression in Ethiopia: Opportunities and Emerging Threats"





Completed Doctoral Candidates

  • Abu Hussein, Hadeel
  • Aguirre, Daniel.
  • Anderson, Kjell
  • Azarov, Valentina.
  • Breslin, Andrea
  • Bushnell, Alexis
  • Cullen, Anthony
  • Dang, Heping. 
  • Darcy, Shane
  • De Guzman, Margaret.
  • Duffy, Aoife.
  • Egan, Annabel
  • Donlon, Teresa Fidelma
  • Elewa, Mohamed
  • Fairlie, Megan
  • Farrell, Brian
  • Farrell, Michelle
  • Fazaeli, Roja
  • Ferguson, Rhonda
  • Gahima, Gerald
  • Gilbert, Jeremie
  • Goggin, Sean
  • Hashemi, Kamran
  • Heinrich, Stefanie.
  • Higgins,Noelle
  • Hughes, Edel
  • Keane, David
  • Kearney,Michael
  • Lafontaine,Fannie
  • Ling, Bonny
  • Mannsson,Katerina
  • Mahgoub, Khadeija
  • McDermott, Chris
  • McDermott, Helen.
  • McDermott, Yvonne Mary
  • Muyoboke, Aime
  • Mwendata, Alfred
  • O'Brien, Eadaoin
  • O'Connor,Vivienne
  • O'Sullivan, Aisling
  • Pestova,Natalya 
  • Prudhomme, Nancie
  • Rae, Isabella
  • Reynolds, John.
  • Rhea, Harry
  • Rikhof, Joseph
  • Seberenzi, Joseph
  • Shortall, Derek
  • Silva, Mario
  • Smithm, Tara
  • Snyder, Jason
  • Strapatsas, Nicolaos
  • Takemura, Hitomi
  • Taylor, Leonard
  • Temperman, Jeroen
  • Timmermann, Wibbke
  • Tiribelli, Carlo
  • Tobin, Brendan
  • Varaki, Maria
  • Waldorf, Lars
  • Yang, Bochao
  • Zeidy, Mohamed