Doctoral Candidates

Current Doctoral Candidates at the Irish Centre for Human Rights

Please note that this page is still being updated.

Abou-Taleb, Nouran. 

Abu Hussein, Hadeel. 'Land Law under international law, a Key for Exercise State Power in Context of Law in postcolonial territories. Creating “Excluded zones”, confiscations, demolishing & evocation houses.'

Adanan, Amina- "The Transitional Nature of Universal Jurisdiction in International Law"

Ananthavinayagan, Thamil-"Sri Lanka – a post-war society and laboratory for the United Nations"

Azarov, Valentina. 'Uncovering Unlawful Territorial Regimes: Military Occupation, Territoriality and Self-Determination in International Law'

Berkowska, Eliza. 'Family in the International Human Rights Law'

Bushnell, Alexis. 'Historiography of the Refugee Figure and Genealogy of the Political Juridical Space of the Camp; Violent Geography'

Dang, Heping.'Public Opinion and Human Rights'

De Guzman, Margaret. "The gravity of crimes in international criminal law"

De Ycaza, Carla. "Traditional and Modern Approaches to Post-Conflict Transitional Justice in Africa"

Florath, Tanja. "Effective Prevention of Enforced Disappearances in South-East Asia"

Ferguson, Rhonda. "The right to food in the context of world trade"

Heinrich, Stefanie. "Transitional Justice in Timor-Leste: Done and Dusted?"

Ling, Bonny. 'Human Trafficking and China'

McDermott, Helen. 'Extraterritorial Abduction under International Law: Does Irregular mean Illegal?'

Megy, Susan. 'Under Imminent Threat? The Protection of Civilians in African Regional and Sub regional Peacekeeping: The African Union and ECOWAS'

Moran, Cian. "The Saints Are Coming: The Evolution of Humanitarian Intervention in International Law and State Practice"

Omidi, Niloufar- "Peoples' Right to Peace; Enforcement through International Law Instruments"

Piñeiro, Oscar Sánchez- "Rights based approach towards conflict resolution at community level"

Reynolds, John-"Empire, Emergency & the Law"

Sweeney, Caroline. "Protection of Children from the Effects of Armed Conflict"

Tadeg, Mesenbet. Freedom of Expression in Ethiopia: Opportunities and Emerging Threats"

Yang, Bochao"China's Evolving Policy towards International Peace and Security UN Peacekeeping Operations as a Gateway- Challenges and Opportunities - from Political and Legal Perspectives"





Completed Doctoral Candidates

Daniel Aguirre

Aime, Muyoboke

Anderson, Kjell

Breslin, Andrea

Cullen, Anthony

Darcy, Shane

Egan, Annabel

Donlon, Teresa Fidelma

Elewa, Mohamed

Fairlie, Megan

Farrell, Brian

Farrell, Michelle

Fazaeli, Roja

Gahima, Gerald

Gilbert, Jeremie

Goggin, Sean

Hashemi, Kamran


Hughes, Edel

Keane, David




Mahgoub, Khadeija

McDermott, Chris

McDermott, Yvonne Mary

Mwendata, Alfred

O'Brien, Eadaoin


O'Sullivan, Aisling "On the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction in International Law"

Pestova,Natalya "Localising the Right to Drinking Water: Perspectives and Challenges"

Prudhomme, Nancie

Rae, Isabella

Rhea, Harry

Rikhof, Joseph

Seberenzi, Joseph

Shortall, Derek

Silva, Mario

Smithm, Tara

Snyder, Jason

Strapatsas, Nicolaos

Takemura, Hitomi

Temperman, Jeroen

Timmermann, Wibbke

Tiribelli, Carlo

Tobin, Brendan

Varaki, Maria

Waldorf, Lars

Zeidy, Mohamed

Postdoctoral Researchers

Aliozi, Zoi. 'Global constitutionalism and human rights'

Burke, Roisin. 'Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Military Contingents of Women and Children: Moving Beyond the Current Status Quo and Responsibility under International law'