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Professor Joshua Castellino

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Professor Joshua Castellino was appointed Professor of Law & Head of Law Department, Middlesex University, UK in September 2007.  From 2000-2006, Prof Castellino was a member of the teaching faculty at the Irish Centre for Human Rights National University of Ireland, Galway.  He played a major role in the development of the Irish Centre for Human Rights and is currently an Adjunct member of faculty.  Professor Castellino is the driving force behind the Centre’s acclaimed annual Minority Rights Summer School.

Professor Castellino completed his undergraduate education at Bombay University, where he worked as a journalist for the Indian Express Group, and was subsequently awarded the Chevening Scholarship to undertake a Masters in International Law and Politics in 1995-196. He was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and completed his Ph.D. in international law under the supervision of the late Professor Hilaire McCoubrey at the University of Hull in 1998.

Professor Castellino is a specialist in minority rights and has written two books on the subject: Minority Rights in Asia, co-authored by Dr. Elvira Dominguez Redondo and published by Oxford University Press in 2006; and International Law and Indigenous Peoples. He is also the author of two monographs on public international law on self-determination and on title to territory.




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  • Title to Territory in International Law: A Temporal Analysis (Dartmouth, UK, Ashgate Press, 2003) (co-author with S Allen)
  • International Law & Self Determination (The Hague; Martinus Nijhoff, 2000)

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Book Chapters/Other Articles

  • "The 'Right' to Land, International Law & Indigenous Peoples." In International Law and Indigenous Peoples, edited by J Castellino and N Walsh (2005)
  • "Conclusions" In International Law and Indigenous Peoples, edited by J Castellino and N Walsh (2005)
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  • "The Duties of Governments in the Context of Extraordinary Renditions" Statement for Amnesty International written as part of duties as Special Rapporteur to the Seminar of the same name held at the National College of Ireland, Dublin, 15 May, 2006
  • "The Duties of Governments in the Context of Extraordinary Renditions" Statement for Amnesty International written as part of duties as Special Rapporteur to the Seminar of the same name held at the National College of Ireland, Dublin, 15 May, 2006
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