Academic Staff


Professor Michael O'Flaherty
Civil and Political Rights, the United Nations and Human Rights, 
Rights in Post Conflict settings.

Dr Kathleen Cavanaugh
Law & Society, Law & Conflict and Human Rights

Dr. Shane Darcy
international humanitarian law, international criminal law,
business and human rights and transitional justice

Professor Ray Murphy
Peace Operations,International Humanitarian Law,
International Criminal Law, National Human Rights Institutions

Dr. Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko 
Public International Law, Global Governance and International
Human Rights,  International Women's Rights,
Gender and Human Rights, Human Rights and Islam, 
International Refugee and Migration Law       

Dr. Noelle Higgins
‌Wars of National Liberation and Self Determination
Conflicts; Minority and Indigenous Rights, especially
Language Rights, International Humanitarian Law,
Domestic Protection of Human Rights

Dr Aoife Duffy

Professor William A. Schabas
International criminal law; Genocide