Lunchtime Seminar by Prof Mallinder

Feb 28 2019 Posted: 10:25 GMT


Lunchtime seminar

“Unpacking the Use of Amnesties in Conflict and Peace”

by Professor Louise Mallinder, Queen’s University Belfast

Date: 11th March 2019
Time:  1-2pm
Venue: Seminar Room, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI, Galway

Prof Mallinder will present the findings of her new Amnesties, Conflict, and Peace Agreement (ACPA) dataset, which has been developed as part as part of the Political Settlements Research Project. The dataset contains large-scale comparative data on trends in state practice on conflict and peace-related amnesties. Using this data, she will explore when and how amnesties are used during conflict and transitions towards peace. In particular, she will examine how the context in which amnesties are adopted can shape decisions on whether to limit the material or personal scope of amnesties or to attach conditions to the grant of amnesty; or on their range of legal effects. She will argue that these aspects of amnesty design can have significant implications for the extent to which amnesty can contribute to inclusive political settlements or conversely to excluding some individuals or groups from the post-conflict political contract.


                                                                                              All welcome!