how to apply

Applicants who are interested in applying for a place on LightSCHOOL in 2009 are requested to send via email:
• Curriculum vitae
• Answers to the Five questions listed below
• The names and email addresses of two character referees*

*Applicants must arrange for two character references*, to be completed and sent directly by their character referees to Rebecca Nolan, by fax or email: by Friday, March 13th, 2009.

The Five Questions
Q1. What aspects of your academic studies have interested you most to-date?
Q2. What educational or work experiences have you gained to-date which you consider to be an advantage to you in attending LightSCHOOL at NUI Galway?
Q3. Please describe what you consider is your best technical or scientific achievement to-date. (This might include a result attained in a laboratory, academic project, an examination, work experience, role in a scientific publication, hobby etc.)
Q4. What, if any, long term opportunities or challenges do you see for any area in photonics ?
Q5. Please describe how the completion of LightSCHOOL in 2009 will influence your future career?

Character references
The responsibility lies with applicant to ensure that the character referees have forwarded the character references independently by the deadline.

*More information about the character referees is available from the Lightschool package.

Centre for Applied Photonics
NUI Galway, Ireland.
Ph: 353-91-493595 Fax: 353-91-494594