A research project will be undertaken by each student in close collaboration with a project supervisor and a laboratory mentor. The role of the supervisor is to provide academic direction and evaluation to the project activity. The role of the mentor is to provide day to day support for project implementation. Careful consideration will be given to the selection of mentors in terms of training and other support issues (gender, laboratory experience, availability etc.) Towards the end of the LightSCHOOL programme, the participating student will be requested to develop a poster and a short research presentation on his or her research.
The following is an indicative list of the research projects available for 2008. Please note that projects will only be assigned at the start of the LightSCHOOL programme and not before this date.
• Adaptive optics without a wavefront Sensor
• Dependence of laser ablation on pulse duration in the nanosecond regime
• Characterisation of deformable mirrors for adaptive optics
• Investigations of photomechanical spallation in glass
• Vision enhancement using adaptive optics
• Effect of beam shaping on multi-pulse laser ablative pulse drilling
• Adaptive optics for free space optical communication
• Fabrication of lenslet arrays using self-assembled monolayers of microspheres
• Dynamic cophasing errors
• Surface modification of materials using excimer UV sources
• Dual pulse laser machining using two synchronised laser sources
• Langmuir probe study of femtosecond laser ablation of polymers.

More information about the programme for 2009 is available in the Lightschool package.

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