Mature students thinking of applying to a degree 2021 are invited to attend events below:

NUI Galways Virtual Open Day

When: October 24th

Time: 12pm to 4pm

How: Find out more at

Mature Students Guide 21

Virtual Mature Students Public Information Evening - Here is Where I Make It Happen

When: Wednesday, January 13th 2021

Time: 5.30pm to 8pm

How: Details to follow soon

This special information evening is designed for Mature Students and Adult Learners who maybe considering studies at NUI Galway in 2021.  There will be an emphasis on applying to a full-time degree aimed at those who never thought it was possible and could not for a diverse range of reasons attend third level in earlier years. It is an annual event to reach out to community that university is accessible to all and to promote lifelong learning. All adult learners are welcome no matter what your age is as the university offers so much more than just full-time degrees. Adult Learning will be there to advise of part-time and flexible learning options also. Postgraduate advisors will be there for postgrad queries. And there will be one to one Careers Consultations that are rolled out on a first come, first served basis. 

The Mature Students Officer will give a welcome presentation at 6pm explaining the CAO application procedure and sharing some past students experiences with you. Other presentations on part-time and flexible studies will be given also.

Representatives from all our College Degree Programmes and Support Services will be there to advise and talk one to one to you about career opportunities and learning outcomes of their individual programmes and supports the university offers.

Many people attending the evening in the past have been directed into Access Diploma Courses to give them the Foundation Skills in academic subjects at a pre-university level 6 and supported onwards to degrees in all disciplines at NUI Galway. These courses build confidence in self, ability and supports each individual to reach their full potential.

There is a place for everyone at NUI Galway whether it is through an Access course, a full-time degree or through our Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development Programmes.

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  • Mature Students Guide 21

    Mature Students Guide 21 PDF (16MB)

  • Access Diploma Programmes Guide 2020

    Access Diploma Programmes Guide 2020 PDF (16MB)

  • QQI

    QQI PDF (16 MB)