Integrated Learning Experience

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MBA Curriculum

Programme Pillars

Transformational Leadership is the core pillar of our MBA programme. In this pillar we have designed an integrated learning experience consisting of the combination of three leadership modules and an integrated learning activity. The modules are:

  • Leadership Development, which provides participants with a personally reflective journey in understanding oneself as a leader.
  • International Leadership Gateway at Fordham, which provides participants with an exceptional, experiential Global perspective on leadership.
  • Leadership & Change, which provides participants with the skills, tools and know-how to lead change.
  • Participants then undertake their Applied Strategic Leadership Project which is the key integrated learning activity that solidifies the participant’s Transformational Leadership journey.

Innovating Success: The modern MBA graduate is expected to innovate success and our programme is designed to develop the acumen to do just that. This pillar centres on fostering success by empowering people, motivating continuous innovation and driving achievement through internal and external business consulting.

Business for Society: The modern MBA graduate is charged with leading innovative success that will offer our region, our country and our planet a sustainable future. We believe in values consistent with a business for society motivation and this pillar centres on sustainability, ethics & governance and understanding the role of business and its leaders in the broader economic, societal and global realms.

3-Day Block Release

The programme is part-time and delivered by intensive block teaching over 21 months. Blocks will be of 2 or 3 days duration and generally occur at intervals of every 3 weeks during the semester. With the exception of the International Leadership Gateway programme, which typically takes place in early June, all other activity takes place within the semester.

MBA Delivery Schedule