Approaches to Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Prevention

BROCHURE - PGrad Certificate Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Prevention

Up to 80% of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes is preventable and yet the burden of these conditions continues to escalate. This exciting postgraduate qualification provides professional education and training in the principles and practice of health promotion specifically applied to the promotion of cardiovascular health and diabetes prevention. The programme is delivered in partnership with Diabetes Ireland, the Irish Heart Foundation and The National Institute for Preventive Cardiology, providing students a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in with these key organisations.

  • This is a distance education course, accompanied by workshops which take place at NUI, GALWAY. 
  • Course Information or application process: Health Promotion (Postgraduate Certificate)
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  • Further information on this Level 9 Postgrad Cert Part-time programme is available from :
Course Coordinator:  Dr.  Mary Jo Lavelle (currently on leave until early 2019) Phone: 091-493092
                                          Helen Grealish (in the absence of Dr. Mary Jo Lavelle)  Phone: 091-493645
Course Administrator:  Denise Glavin  Phone: 091-493092