Research Degrees

The Department of Paediatrics offers Ph.D and M. D. degrees, completed on the basis of a research dissertation.


Clinical Trainees

All of the Senior House Officers are engaged in general professional training for either General Practice, Paediatrics, or other specialties such as Accident & Emergency medicine.  Learning objectives are stipulated for each 6 month residency and SHOs are seen formally at initiation, after 3 months and on completion of the term for formative and summative assessments.  A one-week orientation programme is provided when residencies commence.  A neonatal resuscitation programme is run annually.  The success record of our trainees in Diploma of Child Health, and Membership examination has been extremely good.  The unit enjoys a very good reputation for general professional training.

Registrar posts are eligible for higher specialist training.  One to two of these posts are allocated to specialist registrars who are in a nationally structured training scheme.  The teaching contract for specialist registrars entails frequent meetings for mentoring, formative and summative assessments.  There are 3 formal postgraduate teaching sessions held each week.  Undergraduate attend some of these where space permits.