Module Co-ordinator:  -  Dr Sanjeev Gupta, Senior Lecturer.  Email: 

Module description

The aim of this Module is to introduce biomedical engineering students to concepts of pathology. To learn about the changes that occur in disease pathology at the cellular, tissue and organ levels. To identify the roles Biomedical Engineers can play in research and development for improved diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Further information can be obtained from Department of Mechanical and Biochemical Engineering 

Learning outcomes

To gain an understanding of the molecular and cellular changes that occur during the development and progression of disease

To gain an understanding of Thrombosis/Embolism/Ischaemia/Infarction/Lipidemia and how they contribute to the development of diseases including atherosclerosis, and the methodologies used to intervene

To develop knowledge on the molecular changes that occur during neoplastic transformation leading to cancer, and the technologies used to screen, test and treat cancer.

To acquire knowledge on the laboratory approaches taken to model pathology in the laboratory and to develop research questions

To gain real-life knowledge on Interventional Radiology, Life support/Intensive care and Medical Device use for disease pathology


50% End of Year Exam

25% Individual Continuous Assessment

25% Group Continuous Assessment