Discipline of Pathology

Academic Staff

Professor Grace Callagy Head of Department grace.callagynuigalway.ie 091-493707
Dr. Emer Bourke Lecturer emer.bourkenuigalway.ie 091-494416
Dr. Sharon Glynn Lecturer sharon.glynnnuigalway.ie 091-494242
Dr. Sanjeev Gupta Lecturer sanjeev.gupta@nuigway.ie 091-494415
Dr. Sean Hynes Lecturer sean.hynes@nuigalway.ie 091-543907/544493
Dr. Darren Kilmartin Lecturer darren.kilmartin@nuigalway.ie  

Support Staff

Lorraine Murphy Administrator lorraine.murphynuigalway.ie 091-544488
Laura Moran Senior Technician laura.morannuigalway.ie 091-544574
Mark Webber Senior Technician mark.webbernuigalway.ie 091-492599


Dr. Dawn Baynes Senior House Officer    
Dr. Daniela Catargiu Senior House Officer    
Dr. Daphne Chen Specialist Registrar    
Dr. Kevin Culligan Senior House Officer    
Dr. Kate Dinneen Senior House Officer    
Dr. Jennifer Garry Senior House Officer    
Dr. Diarmuid O'Connor Senior House Officer    
Dr. Eoghan O'Connor Senior House Officer    

Academic Staff and Researchers

Staff Name Type Subject Area Phone
Bennani, Dr. Fadel
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology 87-4420
Bourke, Dr. Emer
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Pathology 494416
Brodie, Dr Caroline
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology
Callagy, Prof Grace
Academic Pathology 87-4488
Glynn, Dr. Sharon
Senior Lecturer
Academic Pathology 4242
Griffin, Dr Damien
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology 87-4825
Gupta, Dr Sanjeev
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Pathology 544488
Keady, Dr Deirbhile
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology
McHale, Dr Teresa
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology
Murray, Prof Margaret
Honorary Personal Professorship
Other Pathology 87-4281
Sheehan, Dr. Margaret
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology
Tormey, Dr. Vincent
Clinical Lecturer
Academic Pathology 87-4498