Welcome to the Discipline of Physiology

Physiology is one of the longest established disciplines and we are primarily affiliated with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, but also play a very active role in the Science Faculty.  Physiology covers all aspects of human Biology from your heart, your mind, your body as a whole and how this affects your life it is a multidisciplinary approach to studying human biology. Research opportunities range from the molecular level, to the cellular level, to investigation at the level of the whole body.

Did you know.....

Human physiology is the oldest branch of physiological science.  It dates back to at least 420 B.C. and the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.  Modern physiology first appeared in the seventeenth century when scientific method of observation and experimentation were used to study the movement of blood in the body.  In 1929, American physiologist W. B. Cannon coined the term homeostasis to describe one of the most basic concerns of physiology: how the varied components of living things adjust to maintain a constant internal environment that makes possible optimal functioning.
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Career Opportunities

Physiology is a core subject for all health related disciplines; many science/biomedical science students go on after further study to careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, optometry and biomedical research.  Opportunities also exist in medical sales, regulatory affairs, health and safety and teaching.

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