Academic Staff


Prof Antony Wheatley Professor and Chair 2361
Dr Nicole Burns Lecturer (P/T)  
Dr Karen Doyle Senior Lecturer 3665
 Dr Ananya Gupta Lecturer Above The Bar 2358 
Dr Brendan Higgins Lecturer Above The Bar 4422
 Dr Louise Horrigan Lecturer Above The Bar 2384 
 Dr Ailish Hynes Lecturer Above The Bar 3573 
 Dr Karl McCullagh Lecturer Above The Bar 4220 
 Dr Brian McDonagh Lecturer Below The Bar 4269 
 Dr Leo Quinlan Lecturer Above The Bar 3710 
 Dr Michelle Roche Lecturer Above The Bar  5427 
 Dr Amir Shafat Senior Lecturer 4218 
Dr Katarzyna Whysall IRC Laureate 4229


Technical Officers


Barbara Coen Senior Technical Officer 2189
Catherine Loughrey Senior Technical Officer  4279
Andrew Douglas Research Assistant  




Fiona Byrne Administrator 2761


Post Doctoral Researchers and PhD Students


Dr Sean Fitzgearld Post-doctoral Researcher
Dr Madalina Mereuta Post-doctoral Researcher
Dr Rosanna Rossi Post-doctoral Researcher
Kevin Cradock PhD Student
Edel Hughes PhD Student
Rachel Humphrey PhD Student
Donna Kennedy PhD Student
Ada Okolo PhD Student
Tony Sannicandro PhD Student
Aoife Thornton PhD Student