Academic Staff and Researchers

Staff Name Type Subject Area Phone
Hallahan, Dr Brian
Senior Lecturer
Academic Psychiatry
McDonald, Prof Colm
Academic Psychiatry 3555

Academic Staff

Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory

Lecturer and Co-Director of Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory 

Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry

  • Dr. Brian Hallahan M.B., MRC Psych, M.Med.Sci., M.D.

Clinical Lecturers

  • Dr. Sinead Costello M.B., MRC Psych

Honorary Clinical  Fellows

  • Dr. Mohamed Ahmad, MB, MRC Psych, M.Med Sci, M.D.,
  • Dr. Shane McInerney, MB, MRC Psych, 
  • Dr. Diana Schirliu, MB, MRCPsych

PhD/MD Students

  • Genevieve Mc Philemy BSc
  • Leila Nabulsi BPharm MSc
  • Theo Akudjedu BSc MSc
  • Giulia Tronchin BA MSc
  • Laura Costello BA MSc
  • Fiona Martyn BSc


Administrative Assistant

Anne O'Grady, B.Bus. (Hons) - Email:    Tel No.00353 91 493555

Consultant Psychiatry Staff with Honorary Positions

Consultant Psychiatrists

  • Professor Geraldine McCarthy (Honorary Professor), MB, MRCPsych, Sligo Medical Academy, Co. Sligo.
  • Dr. Sabina Fahy, MB, MMedSci, MRCPsych, Ballinasloe Medical Academy, Ballinasloe, Co.Galway
  • Dr. Alma Lydon, MB, MRCPsych, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Merlin Park Hospital, Galway.
  • Dr. Camilla Langan , B.Sc MBBS, MRCPsych,Ph.D. Mayo Psychiatric Services, Castlebar, Co.Mayo
  • Dr. Dimitrios Adamis, MB,MRCPscyh, Sligo Medical Academy, Co.Sligo
  • Dr. Cliff Haley, MB,MRCPsych, Letterkenny Medical Academy, Co.Sligo