ERASMUS Programme

ERASMUS Partners

The School of Medicine, NUI Galway offers a limited number of ERASMUS student exchanges, to medical students studying at one of our parntner Institutions;

Admissions Process

Please carefully read the Guidelines provided by the International Affairs Office, in order to apply to the NUI Galway, School of Medicine Erasmus Programme. The Erasmus Co-ordinator in your home institution, selects students to participate in Erasmus, and  submits student nominations and associated application forms to the NUI Galway International Affairs Office. The nomination of students is based on bilateral exchange agreements in place with partner institutions - we do not accept applications directly from students.

Student Nominations and Applications Forms should be sent to: 

  • Gisèle FarrellInternational Affairs Office, National University of Ireland Galway, Distillery Road, Galway, Ireland. 

Please copy the Erasmus Co-ordinator in the School of Medicine on email correspondence. 

Application Deadline

Semester 1 or Full Year Applicants 31st May, 2018                        
Semester 2 Applicants    27th October, 2018                                                              

Please be advised, that forms received after the deadline cannot be considered.  

School of Medicine - ERASMUS Traineeship Options

The type and duration of the ERASMUS exchange varies from 1 to 2 semesters, according to the ERASMUS Bi-lateral  Learning Agreement in place between the School of Medicine, NUI Galway and our ERASMUS partners.

There are 2 options for visiting students to participate in an ERASMUS Exchange at NUI Galway: 

Clinical Electives    

Incoming ERASMUS exchange students can choose from an extensive list of electives, which range from 2 to 4 weeks. Electives are similar to clinical placements and are not linked to specific assessments.  Comprehensive list of available Erasmus Modules / Electives‌ available at this link in January 2018.

Semester or Full Year                     

This exchange type includes completion of all components and corresponding assessments of  a Semester or Academic Year-  clinical placements, teaching and assessments. Erasmus exchange students can apply to complete one of the following options; 

  1. Year 3, Semester 2 
  2. Full Academic Year 4 

Overview of the NUI Galway UG Curriculum Map


 Modules/Electives Available

Details of electives and semesters, which are offered to incoming ERAMSUS students, are available at the following link Erasmus Modules / Electives

Documentation Required

  1. Application Form
  2. Learning Agreement 
  3. Certification of Health Screening
  4. Police Clearance Certificate from your country of origin (this is also referred to as Garda Vetting)
  5. Garda Vetting in Ireland 

Contact Details