• Pharmacology is taught to 3rdyear science students from undenominated science as well as biomedical science.
  • Two modules are taken in the first semester worth 15 ECTS in total (a 10 ECTS + a 5 ECTS module) while 15 ECTS (a 10 ECTS + a 5 ECTS module) are also taken in the second semester to give a total of 30 ECTS.
  • The 3rd year modules focus on specific diseases and the drugs used to treat them as well as an introduction to toxicology and some applied aspects of pharmacology.


Semester I:


Semester II:


3rd Year Course Coordinator

Prof. David Finn

Email: david.finnnuigalway.ie

Telephone: 091 495280 (outside); Ext. 5280 (inside)