NUIG and UCHG are rapidly developing a comprehensive cancer programme. A core component of this programme is developmental therapeutics (DT). The chief focus of this programme is the development of novel agents for the treatment of human malignancies. The need for such a programme in Ireland is universally accepted, and NUIG, with its strong complement of researchers focused on cancer research, is the optimal environment in which to develop this. The intent is to create a national resource.

Collaborating Investigators:

Solid Tumors

  • Prof. Larry Egan
  • Dr. Maccon Keane
  • Prof. Michael Kerin

Haematological Malignancies

  • Dr. Michael O' Dwyer

Drug Development

  • Dr. Michael McCarthy
  • Dr. Noel Lowndes
  • Dr. Ciaran Morrison
  • Dr. Afsin Samali

Novel Agents/Applications

  • Dr. Frank Barry
  • Dr. Dennis McGonagle
  • Prof Tim O' Brien
  • Prof. Francis Sullivan

Examples of programmes underway in this research area:

1. Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

2. Apoptosis Inducers/DNA damaging anti-cancer agents