The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) was established in 2004, receiving 19 million euros in funding from the Science Foundation Ireland CSET programme. The Institute now has 70 researchers, and focuses on gene therapy and stem cell research. Core activities include immunology, genomics and proteomics, preclinical models of cardiovascular arthritic diseases, a toxicology core, GMP cell and vector facility and an ethics and outreach programme. A major focus of REMEDI is to apply gene and stem cell research to cardiovascular disease and arthritis in collaboration with investigators in Ireland and overseas.For more information, go to the REMEDI website.

1.  Cardiovascular Disease


  • Professor Tim O' Brien
  • Mr. Sherif Sultan, Vascular Surgery
  • Dr. Jim Crowley, Cardiology
  • Dr. Pat Nash, Cardiology
  • Prof. Kieran Daly, Cardiology
  • Dr. Gerry O' Sullivan, Interventional Radiology


2.  Rheumatologic Disease


  • Professor Dennis McGonagle
  • Mr. Bill Curtin, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Dr. Robert Coughlan, Rheumatology
  • Professor Peter McCarthy, Radiology

External Collaborators:

  • Dr. Elena Jones, University of Leeds