All research students within the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences are required to have a Graduate Research Committee (GRC), whose role is to ensure quality of research, compliance with best practice, offer mediation if required and to support and provide advice to the research student and supervisor(s).



The GRC meets formally to consider student performance at an Annual Review Meeting, which normally takes place before the end of May.    A GRC must make a recommendation, via the GRC Annual Progress Report, to the College for every student unless the student has been on an approved leave of absence of the entire academic year.  If a student was present for part of the academic year or was/is on sabbatical and conducting research, a GRC progress report must be submitted.  If it is not possible to hold a meeting in person, the meeting may take place by video conference or Skype.  The GRC may request that

the research student make a presentation to them.

Table 1:  For information and guidelines on the annual progress review process please consults the following documents 

CMNHS Guidelines   
GRC Annual Meetings Procedure Guidelines  GRC Annual Meetings Procedure Guidelines Work Flow Chart 
Guidelines for Disciplines May/ June 2020


Guidelines for Disciplines 2020

University Guidelines click here                                                       

Table 2:  Forms which must be completed as part of the annual progress review process 

Form / Document Name To be completed by To be submitted to Form
Student Annual Report Form - GS030 Student Graduate Research Committee   

Student Annual Report Form GS030 Click Here

Supervisor Progress Report Form  - GS040 Supervisor Graduate Research Committee Supervisor Progress Report Form GS040  Click Here 
GRC Annual Progress Report - GS050 Graduate Research Committee    Discipline/School/Centre GRC Annual Progress Report GS050 Click Here