At the start of the new academic year in September 2018, students should consult with their supervisor/GRC and register online for modules that they will complete for credit in the 2018/19 academic year.

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General overview and considerations for module selection. 

Please refer to Chapter 9 of the handbook

Structured PhD

3, Module registration Step-by-step instructions

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Modules Currently Offered
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All PhD students   All students with a few exceptions    click to open excel file  
BMERM PhD programme   For BMERM studnets only    click to open excel file
CTRSP/MMI PhD programme       For CTRSP/MMI students only    click to open excel file


Module Descriptors

GS501 - GS536   Graduate Studies Module List : Click on link to redirect to Graduate Studies website.  Module descriptors of all modules starting with 'GS' will be found on that website

AN507   Stereology
BES519  Scientific Writing
BR610  Introduction to Medical Microbiology
BR611  Advanced Medical Microbiology
HP150  Evaluation of Health Promotion Programmes
HP832  Research Methods (Health Promotion)
HP845  The European Dimension in Health Promotion
HP846  Foundations of Health Promotion
HP847  Health Promotion Practice
HP848  Determinants of Health
HP849 Promoting Healthy Behaviour
HP850  Promoting Mental Health & Well Being
HP852 Re-orienting Health Services
HP853 Supportive Environments for Health
MA170   Introduction to Programming for Biologists
MA324 Introduction to Bioinformatics
MA570  Data Analysis for Genomics Technology
MD507  Stem Cells and Gene Therapy II
MD536  Advanced & Applied Immunology
MD8000 Fundamentals of Medical Device Design and Regulation
MD8103  Epidemiology/Principles of Medical Device Design
PM533 Formulating a Research Proposal in the Biomedical Sciences
SI209   Neurophysiology
SPA428  Specialist Methodologies in Psychology Research
SPA449  IT for Graduate Students
SPA480  Communicating Research to Non Specialists
ZO509  Biometry - Statistics for Biologists