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  • Bacterial Stress Response Group ››
  • Useful Lab Safety Links
    UK Health and safety site. Safety information on fire, radiation and biological hazards. Good links to other sources of information.

    European Agency for Health and Safety at Work. Has an excellent A-Z index covering all the major hazard groups. Includes downloadable fact sheets.

    The Irish Health and Safety Authority. Includes general information on health and safety in the workplace with links to relevant publications (available for purchase).

    The Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland). Includes a web page on GMO regulations and licensing. Also includes a page on regulations pertaining to the use of solvents.

    World Health Organisation Health Topics. A comprehensive A-Z index covering both work-related and general health hazards.
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA; a subsidiary site of the Centre for Disease Control). Access to a number of comprehensive chemical databases. Links to chemical data sheets and other general safety information.

    Office of Laboratory security Canadian Health Authority. Contains comprehensive information on biohazards including pathogen classification.
    Environmental Health and Safety (hosted by Cornell University, USA). A very useful site with searchable databases. It has detailed information on most aspects of safety in the workplace, including fire, chemical, radiation, biological and occupational safety.

    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) databases. An excellent site with links to several very extensive databases. For specific in formation a particular chemical this is probably the best site to start at (no registration required).

    Bacterial Stress Response Group