Mindful Journeys Series

Sep 11 2018 Posted: 15:12 IST

Thursday evenings 5:10 – 5:50pm (with the option to remain afterwards for further discussion)

Venue:  AC215 x 12 weeks:   (Turn right at Bank of Ireland, then left)

 Thur 13/9/2018 – 29/11/2018 (subject to someone volunteering to share, so be sure to check online each week at www.nuigalway.ie/mindfulway

  Mindful Way @ NUI Galway has a database of nearly 1000 students, staff and members of the public who engage in a variety of ways in the practice of Mindfulness, both individually and collectively. The Mindful Journeys Series is part of this initiative, in response to requests for a forum where discussions around Mindfulness can take place, and where people interested in Mindfulness can meet and connect. 

 On Thursday evenings, mindfulness practitioners volunteer to share their Mindful Journeys and the role Mindful practice plays in their lives. Speakers include people who work, study, teach and research at NUI Galway and other universities, as well as practitioners from industry and public service around the world. 

Each Thursday will include a shared meditation practice, a sharing of knowledge and experiences, and a discussion between 5:10 pm and ending at 5:50pm, with the option to remain afterwards for further discussion. 

 Interested in presenting?  If yes, please send your bio, photo, a proposed title for your session along with a brief description to ann.t.walsh@nuigalway.ie, along with dates (Thursdays!) that would suit you to present!