Relational Mindfulness: Bringing Mindfulness into everyday life

Apr 23 2018 Posted: 08:41 IST

You are invited to join us for this free morning workshop “Relational Mindfulness: Bringing Mindfulness into everyday life and relating with others”. 

What is relational mindfulness?

We typically consider mindfulness as something that is done silently, alone and while sitting down. While research has been shown this type of mindfulness to have many positive benefits, many believe mindfulness could also serve us if it could be connected directly to everyday life.

RELATIONAL mindfulness, brings mindfulness from silent sitting alone, into respectful meditative communication with others.

Associate Professor MAREK VICH (bio below) is leading the development of practice and research in this field and will give two workshops at NUI Galway in collaboration with the Mindful Way on Thursday 3rd May in Emily Anderson Concert Hall in the Quadrangle (8 on map).

These 2.5 hour workshops are LIMITED in size to 20 people each so please BOOK EARLY.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mindful @ NUIGalway team


If you would like to attend this free event, please register your attendance at Mindful Way Registration
The Aula Maxima.  Please click HERE for campus map. The Aula Maxima is No. 1 on the map. 
There is limited parking on campus, Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17.30 and clamping is operation so please be sure to park in a Pay & Display space if you do not have a staff/student parking permit. 
Marek Vich (Relational Mindfulness Facilitator)
Dr. Marek Vich currently works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management at the University of Economics, Prague. His PhD research focused on the examination of relational mindfulness which focuses on the development of mindfulness in the relational context of dialogue. Together with colleagues, he has designed an 8-week mindfulness-based intervention called Relational Mindfulness Training (RMT). They have conducted two studies that have demonstrated beneficial effects of RMT on higher mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion, subjective happiness and stress. 
David Mothersill (Mindful Way Host))
Dr. David Mothersill works as a Neuroscientist and Lecturer in the School of Psychology, and Course Coordinator of the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at NUI Galway. His research is in the area of social neuroscience, the study of brain processes that help us to understand and empathise with other people.
Eric Van Lente (Mindful Way Host)
Eric Van Lente is a PhD Candidate in the School of Psychology and is currently conducting research on the relationship between mindfulness, oneness (nondual awareness) and well-being. Prior to this Eric has been involved in health, medical, educational and mechanical engineering research.






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Location Emily Anderson Concert Hall (Upper Aula Maxima)
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