Dr. Sinead Mooney

DAH Supervisor

Sinéad Mooney is a graduate of University College Cork (BA, MA) and the University of Oxford (DPhil). She teaches undergraduate courses in women's writing, the work of Samuel Beckett, modernism and twentieth-century literature,, and a postgraduate course in twentieth-century Irish women's writing. Her main research interests include Beckett, modernism, women's writing, and contemporary literature, and she is interested in hearing from potential doctoral students in these areas. She has supervised doctoral theses on ‘The Poetics of Place in the Work of Paul Muldoon' and ‘Representations of Maternity in Contemporary Irish Women's Poetry', and is currently supervising a thesis on Beckett and Mauthner. Her study of Beckett, translation and self-translation, A Tongue Not Mine: Beckett and Translation (Oxford University Press, 2011), was completed on leave funded by a research fellowship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2008/9). She is currently working on essays on Mary Lavin and Maeve Brennan, and on a book project on Irish women's modernism.


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She is on the editorial board of the journal Contemporary Women's Writing (Oxford University Press), and co-leads the ‘Gender, Discourse, Identities' cluster of Gender ARC (Advanced Research Consortium on Gender, Culture and the Knowledge Society):

Research awards include a fellowship from the IRCHSS (2008/9) and a MARBL award from Emory University Archive (2011-12).