IMBAS 2011 - Identity: Individual, Society and Realm

Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
11th November, 2011 @ 00:00:00

Identity: Individual, Society and Realm


12.00-12:30: registration

1.00-2.30: Panel A

Chair: Prof. Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha

Rúairí O'Suilleabháin

University College Cork

Light, fire, sanctity and salvation: Spiritual and patristic echoes in Adomnán's Vita Columbae

Sarah Corrigan

NUI, Galway

The Parting of the Waters in Early Lives of Irish Saints

Jessica Fahy

University College Dublin

Brides of Christ: Female religious identity and Italian conventual art

2.30-3.00: tea & coffee break

3.00-4.30: Panel B

Chair: Prof. Dáibhi Ó Cróinín

Chris Doyle

NUI, Galway

‘Defence of the Realm' Constantine III: Usurper, Tyrant or Patriot?

Sandra Hartl

University of Bamberg

The Anonymous Crowd in Ammianus Marcellinus

David Burke

University of Durham

Who wrote the Canones Adomnani?

4.30- 5:00: tea and coffee break

5:00-6:00: Panel C

Chair: Dr Amanda Kelly

Daniel Curley

NUI, Galway

Dundonnell and its place in 13th Century Ireland

Sander Westerhout

NUI, Galway

Clonmacnoise graveslabs in 3D: Now what?

6.00-7.00: wine reception

7.00-8.00: Keynote speech by Dr Alan Murray of the University of Leeds: National Identity, Ethnicity and language in the age of the Crusade


9.30-11.00: Panel A

Chair: Prof. Michael Clarke

Steffen Magister

Trinity College Dublin

Wipo and the Early Medieval Mirrors of Princes

Lyla Owens

Bemidji State University, Minnesota

The Encomium Emmae Reginae: The establishment of Queenship within Late Anglo Saxon England

Jennifer Farrell

University College Dublin

When the realm is the King: Representations of the rise and fall of the nation in the individual portraits of Arthur and Mordred in the Historia Regnum Britanniae

11.00-11.30: tea & coffee break

11.30-1.00: Panel B

Chair: Dr Jacopo Bisagni

Ben Wright

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

How long did the Cistercians "live by the work of their hands": Negotiating the Cistercian ideal of manual labour at Cambron abbey 1148-1331

Katie Hager

University of Oxford

The Monk in Cassian and Evagrius: how their interpretations of Creation affect the identity of the monk in the ascetic life

Sarah McCann

NUI Galway

Playing their part: the Irish in Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum

1.00-2.15: buffet lunch on campus in An Bialann

2.30-4.00: Panel C

Chair: Dr Pádraic Moran

Julie Damaggio

University of Lyon

Loan words and literate identity: Latin grammarians, Roman poets and the problem of Greek words in ρος

Jason O'Rorke

NUI, Galway

Observations on the transmission of Donatus' terminology in the Late Antique grammatical tradition

Beatrice Da Vela

University College London

In search of the author's identity: exegetical problems in Donatus' commentary on Terrence

4.00-4.30: tea & coffee break

4.30-6.00: Panel D

Chair: Dr Kim Lo Prete

Kenneth Coyne

NUI, Galway

Individual and Societal Identity in Robert of Rheim's ‘urban speech' in the historia Iherosolimitana

Edwin Hustwit

Bangor University, Gwynedd

Court poetry and the Men of the North: dynastic identity and the heroic past in 12th century Wales

Caoimhe Whelan

Trinity College Dublin

English Colonial Readers: the Hiberno- Middle English translation of Gerald of Wales' Expugnatio Hibernica

7.30: Conference Dinner at the House Hotel


9.30-11.00: Panel A

Chair: Cliodhna Carney

Robert Spindler

Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck

Gawain and hegemonic masculinity in the Middle Ages

Mary Michelle Poellinger

University of Leeds

The Violence of Translation: Creating a ‘Scottish Identity' in Lancelot of the Laik

Laura Brennan

University College Dublin

‘The heroic model of William Marshal: An examination of the idealisation and reality of knighthood and chivalry in the twelfth-century Angevin Empire'.

11.00-11.30: tea & coffee break

11.30-1.00: Panel B

Chair: Dr Clodagh Downey

Esther Le Mair

NUI, Galway

Watch your morphology! Why the distinction between spoiling once or spoiling repeatedly is important in Old Irish verb formation

Mona Jakob

NUI, Galway

Adam the pure and torturous Lucifer- conceptual patterns in the Saltair na Rann

Eoin Ó Donnchadha

University College Dublin

Sanas Cormaic and Identity within the early Irish poetic profession

1.00-1.30: tea & coffee break & light lunch

1.30-3-00: Panel C

Chair: Prof. Gearóid Mac Eoin

Nathan Millin

University College Dublin

Identity and emotions: Constrasting responses to the care of the dead in Medieval Ireland

Laura Aitken

University of Aberdeen

The enemy within: An examination of Medieval Irish and Norse attitudes towards the mentally ill.

Mark Kirwan

University College Dublin Enthusiasts and Rebels: Late 19th and early 20th century attitudes to the Viking Age in the British Isles

End of Conference