Moore Institute Workshop 2011-12: Gender, Identities and Discourses: Art, Archives and Public Sphere: Memories in the West of Ireland.

Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
9th March, 2012 @ 09:00:00

Description of Workshop

The main aim of the workshop is to examine questions of art, archives and public memories as represented and relevant in west of Ireland contexts. Participants will include academics, students, artists, local researchers and producers of radio and film. Workshop participants will work with existing materials in relation to women, gender and the west of Ireland, such as photographs, diaries, letters, newspaper reports, private papers and film. Through further collaborative effort, the workshop aims to generate new interpretations and reflections and will present new ideas through the media of radio, exhibition, illustrated texts and film documentary. It will demonstrate how to approach archival resources and historical evidence in a way that is creative, productive and public. A combination of the critical and the creative will reconfigure the contexts in which public memories and identities are shaped. The approach, therefore, will strengthen the field of gender-related research and will augment the visibility of the West of Ireland as a creative research location.