The Moore Institute Welcomes Visiting Fellows

The Moore Institute is pleased to welcome two of its Moore Institute Visiting Fellows to NUI Galway, Ann Heymann and Dr. Jack Ritchie.

Ann is a master in the performance and traditions of the Gaelic harp and spearheads the instrument's revival (see Her research visit will focus on ‘re-examining the Cláirseach's Role in the Performance of Early Irish Verse'. Ann will be with the Moore Institute until December and is available at or extension 3907 should you wish to contact her.

Jack is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Capetown. His research project entitled ‘Metaphysics as metaphor' will touch on the broadest issues which are relevant to all humanities: what are the limits of inquiry and what is the connection between theoretical and aesthetic claims. Jack is available at or extension 3903 should you wish to contact him.