Landed estates & Irish society

The Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
13th June, 2013 @ 14:00:00

Landed estates & Irish society

Moore Institute, NUI Galway

13 - 14 June 2013

(Revised Programme)

Thursday 13 June

2.15 William Smyth (Professor Emeritus, UCC), ‘Landlordism, Evictions and the Great Famine'

Chair: James Harrold (Arts Officer, Galway City)

3.45. Singular figures of landed background

Pauline Scott (NUI Galway), 'Agent, tenant, advocate & agitator: Michael Kelly & the Burke & Pollok estates'

Leo Keohane (NUI Galway), ‘"Quare folk": the Whites of Whitehall'

Madeline O'Neill (NUI Galway), ‘Senator Colonel Maurice Moore of Moore Hall'

Chair: Gerard Moran (NUI Maynooth)

7.00. Reception marking Patrick Melvin's Estates and landed society in Galway (Dublin: de Búrca, 2012). Speaker: Tadhg Foley.

Introduced by Marie Mannion (Heritage Officer, Co. Galway)

8 pm. Philip Bull (Visiting Fellow, An Foras Feasa, NUI Maynooth & La Trobe University, Melbourne)

'A nineteenth-century Irish estate: New records for the history of Irish landed estates'

Chair: Noel Wilkins (President Galway Arch. & Hist. Society)

Friday 14 June

10.00. Texts, cultures and contexts: new scholarship.

Joanne McEntee (NUI Galway) ‘Squires and Solicitors: an important relationship in 19th century Ireland'

Conor Montague (NUI Galway), 'The Light of Evening, Lissadell'

Laura Vickers (NUI Galway) '"A well abused set of men": The land agent in nineteenth century Ireland'

Chair: John Cunningham (NUI Galway)

2.00. Accessing the estate record.

Marie Boran (NUI Galway), ‘"Can you help me to find out?" The Landed Estates database, five years on'

Brigid Clesham (NUI Galway), 'Solicitors' Collections - an unrecognised source?'

Chair: Adrian Frazier (NUI Galway)

3.00. Class, gender and landed society

Adrian Grant (NUI Galway) ‘Using landed estate records to better understand the rural Irish worker: some findings from the estates of Connacht and Ulster.'

Maeve O'Riordan (UCC) 'The social and cultural world of women of the Munster landed class, 1860-1914'

Chair: Laurence Marley (NUI Galway)

4.30. Olwen Purdue (Queen's, Belfast), '"The price of our loyalty": the Northern Ireland Land Act of 1925'

5.15 Closing remarks from Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh (NUI Galway)

Conference organisers: Marie Boran; John Cunningham; Joanne McEntee

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* Event supported by HEA under PRTLI Cycle 4 *