Digital Humanities and Journalism Seminar

The Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
9th October, 2013 @ 12:00:00

Digital Scholarship Seminar and INSIGHT @ NUIGalway present:

Digital Humanities and Journalism Seminar.

12-2pm, Wednesday 9 October, Moore Institute Seminar Room.

The first event of the Autumn/Winter series of DSS is a lunchtime seminar to showcase the work of INSIGHT @ NUIGalway (formerly DERI) in Digital Humanities and Journalism, and to provide a vision of future collaborations between technology and humanities researchers.

The speakers will demonstrate how Humanities faculty and researchers can benefit from collaboration with INSIGHT @ NUIGalway’s semantic web experts and Digital Humanities and Journalism (HuJo) group, citing examples from previous collaborations and potential future projects. There will be an opportunity to meet INSIGHT @ NUIGalway researchers and discuss potential collaborations over lunch (generously provided by the Moore Institute).

The following is the list of speakers:

Professor Stefan Decker, Director of INSIGHT @ NUIGalway: “From Digital Enterprise to INSIGHT.”

Dr. Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland: “Digital Repository of Ireland.”

Dr. Bahareh Heravi, Team leader of Digital Humanities and Journalism at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway: “Future Newsrooms and Civic Journalism.”

Professor Siegfried Handschuh, Stream leader at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway: “Quick and Dirty Examples of Text Analytics Applications for Digital Humanities.”

Dr. Paul Buitelaar, Stream leader at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway: “Towards Extracting Author Networks from Secondary Literature” and “Using Semantic Similarity on Poetic Corpora.”

For further information these talks, and on Digital Humanities and Journalism at INSIGHT @ NUIGalway, see the HuJo website.