IMBAS Conference November 29th to December 1st - ' Destruction and Renewal …and back again?’

The Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
29th November, 2013 @ 14:00:00

IMBAS 2013

The theme for the 2013 conference is ' Destruction and Renewal …and back again?’, and it will run from the 29th November to 1st December at the Moore Institute, NUI Galway.

The committee is delighted to announce that this year's keynote speaker will be Professor Fredric Cheyette of Amherst College, Massachusetts. Professor Cheyette is one of the world's foremost scholars of Medieval European culture, more specifically on the region of Occitania, what is now Southern France. However, his more recent research has focused on the topic of climate and climate change during the medieval period. Aspects of this research will addressed in his keynote address, the title of which will be 'From the Ancient to the Medieval Countryside: Old Answers/ New Questions'.

The deadline for the Call for Papers has now passed and the committee would like to very much thank all who have sent in their abstracts. Delegates for the conference have been selected and the conference schedule will be available to view here.

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