ECHO Seminar: Love and Happiness with Felix Ó Murchadha and Stephen Cadwell

The Moore Institute Seminar Room

Date & Time
28th November, 2013 @ 17:00:00

You are cordially invited to the final ECHO seminar of the semester, a Christmas circus cracker.

We have two fine speakers, fine wine, and fine themes to gladden the heart and deepen the soul.

The Reverend Al Green put it on record: 'happiness is when you're really feeling good about somebody'. No doubt he had something particular in mind.

What he thought about circuses is not recorded. Still, simply by attending, participating, and partaking, our understanding of all these noble, philosophical, fine things: philosophy, education, emotion, aesthetics, love, beauty, and happiness - the very pith and marrow of life - will surely be immeasurably deepened.

ECHO presents a seminar:



Beauty, Love and Emotion


Measuring Happiness: Eudemonia and Youth Circus

5pm Thursday 28th November

Moore Institute Seminar Room

All welcome. Wine served

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