Dr Malte Rehbein

Postdoctoral Researcher

Malte Rehbein is a graduate from University of Göttingen, Germany in history and mathematics. After graduating from university, he worked for several industry companies in software development, project management and strategic consulting.

His research interests cover all aspects of the Digital Humanities, particularly to support the study of history. Among other activities in this field, he is currently working on methodology for scholarly editing complex texts.

Previous fellowships:

- Max Planck Institute for History, Göttingen, Historical Information Sciences: Duderstadt digitisation project

Journal Papers

The TEI@Galway - Towards A Digital Scholarly Community in Ireland, in: Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 10, 2009 (with Sean Ryder). Online version.

Kodikologie und Paläographie im digitalen Zeitalter, ed. Malte Rehbein, Patrick Sahle, and Torsten Schaßan (=Schriftenreihe des IDE Band 2), Norderstedt 2009.

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The Ghost in the Manuscript. Hyperspectral Text Recovery and Segmentation, in: Kodikologie und Paläographie im digitalen Zeitalter, Norderstedt 2009 (with Patrick Shiel and John Keating).

Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 10, ed. Malte Rehbein and Sean Ryder, Paderborn 2009. Online version:

The transition from classical to digital thinking. Reflections on Tim McLoughlin, James Barry and collaborative work, in: Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 10. Download pdf here.

Reconstructing the Textual Evolution of a Medieval Manuscript, in: Literary & Linguistic Computing, 2009; doi: 10.1093/llc/fqp020.

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