Philosophy Workshop: Nietzsche and Kant: Religion

The Hardiman Research Building G011 seminar room

Date & Time
19th March, 2014 @ 10:00:00

Nietzsche and Kant: Religion

This workshop will be the seventh in a series examining Nietzsche’s relation to Kant and Kantianism, each focussing on specific areas and texts of Kant’s philosophy. After workshops on ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, anthropology and politics in Leiden, London, Lisbon, Belo Horizonte, Lecce and Rome, the Galway conference will focus on religion. The format of the conferences involves the pre-circulation of papers among participants and extended sessions, so as to allow time for discussion.
The conference is organized by Tsarina Doyle as part of the ‘Values and Identities’ component of the ‘Discourse, Values and Social Change’ priority research area of the Moore Institute at NUI, Galway. It is funded by an Arts Millennium Conference Hosting Assistance grant and by the School of Humanities at NUI, Galway. There is no conference fee, but if you plan to attend, please register with Tsarina Doyle (, who will also provide you with practical information and, at the beginning of March, the conference papers.

Schedule of Talks

Welcome and registration
Andrea Rehberg (Ankara)
‘Kant and Nietzsche on First and Last Things’
Coffee break
Joseph Ward (Sussex)
‘Nietzsche contra Kant? The noumenal and the divine’
Lunch, Moffetts Restaurant
Tom Stern (London)
‘Nietzsche's New Faith’
Coffee break
Paul Davies (Sussex)
‘Exceptional Lessons: Learning to Love One’s Self’
Closure of workshop