Welcome to Dr. Hélène Lecossois and Dr. Frank Shovlin Moore Institute Visiting Fellows

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Hélène Lecossois and Dr Frank Shovlin as Research Visiting Fellows to the Moore Institute

Dr. Hélène Lecossois joins us from the Université du Maine, Le Mans, France where she is a Senior Lecturer. Hélène's subject areas are in English/Drama and the project she will be working on while in the Moore Institute is 'J.M. Synge and Post Famine Ireland. Hélène will be with us for four weeks (14 April - 11 May) and can be contacted at helene. lecossois@univ-lemans.fr

Dr. Frank Shovlin joins us from the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool, Frank's subject area is English literature and the project he will be working on is 'Touchstones: John McGathern's Classical Style'. Frank will be with us from 22-26 April and will return again at a later date in June. He can be contacted at fshovlin@liverpool.ac.uk