Moore Institute Welcomes Visiting Fellows for June 2014

Moore Institute Visiting Fellows - June 2014

The Moore Institute welcomes Kevin James, Adam Kaul, Eleonora Destafanis, Kathleen Costello Sullivan, Férdia Stone Davis, Ronan MacDonald, Bridget Martin, Mayesha Alam, Lisbeth Buchelt and Breandán O'Leary as Visiting Fellows during the month of June 2014.

Kevin James is Associate Professor of History, University of Guelph, Canada. Kevin has been with us from May 24th and will be here until the end of June working on his project ‘The Irish Hotel: A Social and Cultural History, 1840-1922'. Kevin can be contacted on

Adam Kaul is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, USA. He has been here since June 9 and will be with us until July 4 to work on his project ‘Busking on the Streets of Galway: Money, Meaning, and Mobility'. Adam can be contacted on

Eleonora Destafanis is from the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro", Vercelli-Italy. She will be here from June 7-14 and again from July 14-26 to work on her project ‘ Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Sculpture: Ireland and Continental Europe'. Eleonora can be contacted on

Kathleen Costello Sullivan is Associate Professor of Modern Irish Literature, le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY. She will be with us from June 16-27 to work on her project "John McGahern and the Literature of Recovery". Kathleen can be contacted on

Férdia Stone Davis of Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, will be with us from June 16 to August 16 to work on her projec: ‘Call and response: the musical configuration of desire'. Férdia can be contacted on

Ronan MacDonald is the Director of the Global Irish Studies Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He will be with us from June 16 to August 23 working on his project ‘Modernism, Nihilism and the Irish Revival'. Ronan can be contacted on

Bridget Martin, University College Dublin will be with us from June 23 to August 17 working on her project ‘The depiction of the psychai of the dead on fifth-century B.C. Greek funerary vases and what it can contribute to our understanding of common, contemporary belief concerning the dead'. Bridget can be contacted on

Mayesha Alam is Assistant Director of the Institute for Women, Peace and Security, Georgetown University (USA). She will be here from June 23 to July 4 and will be carrying out research on the National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace and Security launched by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Ireland in 2011. Mayesha can be contacted on

Lisbeth Buchelt is Associate Professor, Medieval British and Irish Studies, Department of English, University of Nebraska-Omaha. She will be here from June 28 to July 18 working on her project: Speech and Silence in Early Irish Literature. Lisbeth can be contacted on

Breandán O'Leary is Lauder Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He will be here from June 29 to August 17 working on completing a draft of a monograph provisionally entitled Understanding Northern Ireland: Colonialism, Control and Consociation. Breandán can be contacted on