Dr. Loïc Guyon

Postdoctoral researcher

Project: Postdoctoral Fellowship in PRA6, with special reference to Task 2 which involves the preparation of a collection of accounts written by French travellers who visited Ireland from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century and forming the basis for a monography-length study. Loïc Guyon, who specialises in 19th-century French Literature, will also contribute to the editing of a seventeenth-century English travel account, The Isle of Pines, by researching on the reception and multiple translations of this text in France from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Dr Guyon's individual contribution will be the review and study of some 250 French nineteenth-century theatre plays staging travel in its various forms and representing figures of travellers. He will also be in charge of the organisation of an international conference on the topic and the editing of its proceedings.