Dr. Klaus Weber

Postdoctoral researcher

  • Fellowship(s): 2002-2003 (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and the Social Sciences)
  • E-mail:

Project: "European Commercial and Familial Networks in the German Atlantic World (1680-1830)"

Klaus Weber is investigating familial and commercial networks of German merchants in Western European sea-ports, making use of source material preserved in Hanseatic, Spanish, French, and Irish archives. His research will explain the impact of German manufactured commodities in the trade of both Bourbon Atlantic Empires and of colonial goods on German markets. Commercial networks between rural industries and Western markets will be traced in personal and familial relations and visualized by genealogical tables.
The importance of this trade will be underpinned by the inclusion of quatitative material. The case studies of an important German-run slaveshipping company in Bordeaux and of the most significant German firm in Cadiz will demonstrate the very close links between colonial trade and central-European proto-industry.

Most recent publication on this subject: "The Atlantic Coast of German Trade: German Rural Industry and Trade in the Atlantic (1680-1840)". In: Itinerario, European Journal of Overseas History, vol. 26 (2002/2), pp. 99-119.