Dr. Nina Witoszek

Postdoctoral researcher

Project: To specify the ways in which different cultural legacies support or conflict with the challenge of European citizenship. The participants will produce books entitled Moral Communities, and the Challenge of European Integration: Five Trajectories and The Empire of Prospero, the Empire of Caliban: the East West Divide in Modern European Culture.


Witoszek, N. & Trägårdh, L. 2002, ‘Culture and Crisis: the Case of Germany and Sweden', Berghahn Books, Oxford.

Nina Witoszek, 'Romanticism on Endless Trial: the Case of Scandinavia' in Vi har alltid vært romantiske (Bergen: Ariadne, 2001) pp 101-115

Nina Witoszek, 'Culture: Jurassic Park or Key to the Future' ('Kultur: Jurassic Park eller Nøkkelen til fremtiden?') Samtiden, Spring 2001 pp 57-68