Mr Immo Warntjes

Postgraduate Researcher


Thesis Title:

The "Munich Computus"


Warntjes, I. together with Jacopo Bisagni: 2008 ‘The Early Old Irish material in the newly discovered Computus Einsidlensis (ca. AD 700)', Ériu 58 forthcoming. (PR)

Warntjes, I. 2007, The Munich Computus and the 84 (14)-year Easter reckoning', Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 107C (2007), 31-85 (PR)

Warntjes, I. together with Jacopo Bisagni: 2007 ‘Latin and Old Irish in the Munich Computus: A reassessment and further evidence', Ériu 57, 1-33. PR

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Warntjes, I. 2004, ‘The Alternation of the Kingship of Tara between 734 and 944', Peritia: Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland. vol. 17-18, pp. 394-432.

Warntjes, I. 2004, ‘Regnal succession in early medieval Ireland', Journal of Medieval History, vol. 30 pp.377-410.