Professor Jane Conroy

Project Leader

Research Interests
17th. Century Literature and Mentalities, Realism and Fantasy, Linguistics, Translation theory

Books published, edited and co-edited

CrossCultural Travel. Papers from The Royal Irish Academy International Symposium

on Literature and Travel, National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2002, New

York, Peter Lang, 2003, xxii-549 pp., 15 ill.

Terres tragiques. L'Angleterre et l'Écosse dans la tragédie française du XVII e siècle,

Gunter Narr, Tübingen, 1999, 508 p., 29 ill., 7 tables. Preface by Jacques Truchet.

Book chapters

Conroy, J. 2008. Language, travel and cultural history. Jouvin de Rochefort's ‘Petits

dialogues'. In Phyllis Gaffney et al. (eds), Reverberations, Dublin: UCD Press, pp. 338-


Entre réel et imaginaire. Les voyageurs français en Irlande, 1650-1850. In P.

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in Sardegna (XVIII e XIX secolo), Sassari, Carlo Delfino editore, Coll. ‘Viaggi e

Mediterraneo', 2004, pp. 27-44.

Changing perspectives: French travellers in Ireland, 1785-1835. In J. Conroy, ed.,

CrossCultural Travel, New York, Peter Lang, 2003, pp. 131-42).

Introduction. In J. Conroy, ed., CrossCultural Travel, New York, Peter Lang, 2003, pp.iiixviii.

Constructions of Identity: Mirrors of the ‘Other' in Racine's Theatre. In R.

Caldicott and D. Conroy, eds, Racine: Pleasure and Power in the 20 th Century,

University College Dublin Press, 2001, pp. 75-99.

This article has been reprinted in a volume on ‘the state of research on Racine' (in the

series Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800, vol. 11, Gale Group, 2005).

D'un Mithridate à l'autre. In Luc Fraisse, ed., L'histoire littéraire, ses méthodes et

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With J. Waddell. Celts and others: maritime contacts and linguistic change. In R.M.

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Journal Articles

Galway Bay, Louis XIV's Navy and the ‘little Bougard', Journal of the Galway

Archaeological and Historical Society, 1997, vol. 49, pp. 36-48.

Ballinasloe, 1826: Catholic Emancipation, political tourism and the French liberal

agenda, Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society, 2002, vol. 54, pp. 103-20.