Landed Estates & Country Houses in Connacht


Landed Estates & Country Houses in Connacht c. 1700-1914: A Historical Database

Funded by: IRCHSS(Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences).

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Professor Gearoid O TuathaighProject Leader
Ms. Marie BoranArchival Researcher
Ms. Brigid CleshamArchival Researcher


The aim of the project is to undertake the research for, and to publish/make accessible to scholars and the interested public, a comprehensive and integrated resource guide to landed estates and gentry houses in Conacht, c. 1700-1914, which will assist and support researchers working on the social, economic, political and cultural history of Connacht from c.1700 to 1914.

The project involves the distillation of data from a broad range of historical sources, and the concise codification of these data on an estate/name basis. With the completion of the Project, researchers in social history, social/cultural geography, landscape studies and local/family history will have acess to a reliable and efficient database on landed estates, houses in Connacht in the post-plantation centuries 9c. 1700-1914).

Publications from this project

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