Dr Felicia Rosu

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Felicia RoÅŸu:

Dr Felicia RoÅŸu holds a Phd in Early Modern European History from Georgetown University. Her doctoral research focused on the political and religious history of east central Europe, and particularly on the peculiarities of royal and princely elections in sixteenth-century Transylvania and Poland-Lithuania, and she recently published a chapter on legal reform in Karin Friedrich and Barbara M. Pendzich (eds), Citizenship and Identity in a Multinational Commonwealth: Poland-Lithuania in Context, 1550-1772 (Leiden 2009). Dr RoÅŸu is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar on the IRCHSS funded project, ‘Vincent de Paul: The Making of an Icon', under the leadership of Dr Alison Forrestal.