Professor Thomas Boylan

Project Supervisor

Professor Tom Boylan's research interests are mainly in the areas of economic methodology, the history of economics ideas and in growth and development. Amongst his current projects are the compilation (with T.P. Foley) of a four-volume anthology on Irish Political Economy in the 19th Century, acting as guest editor for a special issue of Revue Internationale de Philosophie on the theme 'The Philosophy of Economics', and papers on pragmatism in economic methodology and a critical assessment of Hahn on economic methodology.

Professor Boylan has been external examiner at Queen's University, Belfast and a Ph.D. examiner at the University of Cambridge and he has acted as referee for the Journal of Economic Methodology, for History of Political Economy, for the Cambridge Journal of Political Economy and for History of Economic Ideas

Selected Publications

Boylan, Tom, Regional Policy and National Development. (Dublin: Regional Studies Association, 1987) (joint editor with P.J. Drudy)

Boylan, Tom, The Future of Regional Policy in the European Community: Its Implications for Ireland (Galway: Social Sciences Research Centre, 1987) ( joint editor with M.P. Cuddy).

Boylan, Tom, Fleetwood on Causal Holism: Clarification and Critique? Cambridge Journal of Economics, (forthcoming 2005). (With P.F. O'Gorman).

Boylan, Tom From Stabilisation to Economic Growth: The Contribution of Macroeconomic Policy in Issues in Irish Public Policy, ed. George Taylor (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2002), pp. 9-27.

Boylan, Tom Economic Theory and Rationality: A Wittgensteinian Interpretation? Review of Political Economy, 15 (2003), pp. 231-44. (With P.F. O'Gorman).