Geraldine Kennedy


Date & Time
26th November, 2009 @ 18:00:00

The Moore Institute will host Ms Geraldine Kennedy, Editor of the Irish Times, on Thursday 26 November at 6.10pm in Lecture Theatre 250 of the IT building. Ms Kennedy will attend a short reception at 5.40 pm in the foyer outside the lecture theatre. This will be followed by Discourse on the subject of Challenges to Press Freedom in the 21st Century. The Discourse, to be chaired by President Jim Browne, will be led by Geraldine Kennedy who will speak on the Challenges to Press Freedom that she, and the Irish Times, have experienced in the recent past; this will be followed by a discussion by William Schabas, Professor of Human Rights Law at NUI Galway, on Challenges to Press Freedom throughout the Globe. There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers on the particular subject and on more general problems confronting Journalists and Journalism in the 21st Century. This event is open to all staff, students and the general public.