DAH 2011 - New Beginnings!

The first class of PhD students recruited to the Digital Arts and Humanities program hosted at the Moore Institute and the Huston School of Film and Digital media met on Monday 3rd October 2011 with their peers in our partner institutions in the Long Room Hub of Trinity College Dublin. Forty five new PhDs enrolled in NUI Galway, TCD, NUI Maynooth and University College Cork contributed to discussions on their projects in context of the latest developments in the field. It was very exciting to hear their ambitious plans and we look forward to supporting this innovative program as it progresses in the coming years.

The six students beginning Digital Arts and the Humanities at the Huston School of Film & Digital Media include several practice-based doctorates. They are embarking on a new and pioneering exploration of the digital arts. At a point when significant economic and ecological problems are facing us, the arts have a role in transforming our perspectives and helping to imagine new solutions.

Our ambition at the Moore Institute is to provide a global platform for digital humanities research in context of public impact and value, a commitment shared with our students and colleagues.