Thesis idea paper

Due date: ... two weeks before you start Thesis Fundamentals (MCT624)

The MScSED thesis idea paper is simply a short paper which contains:

(i) a description of your thesis topic or idea, and (ii) the name of your Thesis Advisor.

Your idea paper should be 1-1.5 pages in length, sufficient to describe your thesis idea in adequate detail.

Submission of your thesis idea paper (emailed to is a prerequisite for enrolling in the 1st thesis module, MCT624.

Please note that a draft of your idea paper is often the best way to begin communicating with potential thesis advisors. Advisors will want to see a short but descriptive summary of your thesis idea before deciding whether or not work with you.

You will not be held to the details of your thesis idea paper. During the research process, it is understood that your ideas will evolve and develop. It is essential, however, to have a clear idea to begin with!

Below are a few sample idea papers: