Thesis Deadlines 2014-15

All theses to be examined in the 2014-15 academic year must be submitted by Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.

(The e-submission guidelines request submission by Friday 21st August but submission by the end of that weekend is perfectly acceptable as many IT Online students spend a lot of their weekends working.)

See the warning below about this deadline!

All students submitting theses in the 2014-15 academic year must complete the MCT626 module in that year.

If you have not completed MCT626 this year, and you plan to submit your thesis in August, please contact as soon as possible.

To submit your thesis, refer to the Thesis e-submission Guidelines 2014-15 for the college that your advisor is in (NUIG or Regis).

Warning: For your information, the thesis deadline is an important deadline. After a thesis is submitted, there are a number of steps that must be submitted as outlined below. As you can imagine, the time required to complete all of these steps, and then for a thesis grade to be added to your results, before graduation is very tight. As a result, extensions are generally not possible. If a step below misses its deadline, you will not be able to graduate until next year and that means a repeat year. Please work towards this precise deadline of the 23rd August.

The steps that happen after you submit your thesis:

  1. Your advisor examines, assesses and provides a preliminary grade for your thesis.
  2. A second-reader examines, assesses and provides a preliminary grade for your thesis.
  3. Your advisor and second-reader meet to discuss your thesis and agree a grade.
  4. There are two IT Dept. board meetings to discuss theses and the effect of that on a student's overall MScSED result.
  5. Grades go to the grades office (by a tight deadline) so that a student can graduate.