Overview of grading procedures

On starting to facilitate a module, each facilitator will outline the learning outcomes of the module, the criteria on which assessment is to be based and the weighting allocated to each assessment instrument associated with the module, as well as a set of Facilitator Expectations for the module.

Each module is assessed in isolation. Assessment can take a variety of forms and can occur at various stages throughout the module. Assessment techniques will include virtual labs, essays, projects, formal examinations, etc. A percentage of the grade in a module is also awarded for participation in online discussions as outlined by the module facilitator.

Although modules are completed every 8 weeks in the IT Online programme, final grades are released only once at the end of each academic year, in accordance with NUI Galway examination procedures. Grades which are returned to you before this, i.e. grades for individual assignments and end-of-module grades, are preliminary grades. These grades may be forwarded to you via e-mail (on receipt of written approval from you to send grades this way), or via WebAdvisor.

In August each year, the Programme Academic Board and an External Examiner review the preliminary grades for each student for each module which has been completed during the previous academic year. These final grades are then reviewed and ratified by the University Examination Board, at which point the grades become official and are released to students via a formal grades transcript.

When can you expect your transcript from the previous year?

You will receive it in October when the board meetings are complete.

Keep this in mind: if you did not register and pay fees for the previous year, then you won't receive your transcipt (and grades for the previous year will not be official). Transcipts go to registered students only.